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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do you make custom pieces?

Yes, if you see something you like but would like a different length, gemstone or size for example, just get in touch. We regularly make custom pieces and love working with customers on their ideas. 

2. Do you deliver abroad? 

Yes, we deliver everywhere. We charge a flat shipping rate which covers everywhere outside of Ireland. 

3. What is rolled gold, is it the same as gold plated ? 

Rolled Gold or Gold Filled is an actual layer of pure gold pressure-bonded/rolled to the core metal. Rolled Gold is not to be confused with gold plating or Vermeil as Rolled Gold has 100% more pure gold than gold plating. Rolled Gold is a much more valuable material and is tarnish resistant. It does not flake off, rub off or change colours and if well cared for will last for many years. 

4. I ordered the wrong length, what can I do ? 

You can return the necklace to us and we will change the length for you.  We charge €8 per item that we adjust and this includes the cost of shipping it back to you by standard post. 

5. What if my item is damaged in the post?

We are very careful in our packaging of items at Lulu + Belle.  However, in the unlikely event that your item arrives damaged in the post - we ask that you contact us immediately and describe the damage.  You can then return the item to us in the original packaging and we will replace it for you. 

6. Do you have a return policy?

Yes, in accordance with the Distance Seller Regulations all unpersonalised orders are returnable within 14 days of receipt for exchange or refund.

7. Do you make children's jewellery ? 

Please note that our products are meant for adults.  We do not make any jewellery specifically for children and our jewellery does not comply with any health and safety regulations in place for childrens' jewellery or childrens' products.