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Valentine's Day Gifts

Petite Gold Initial Disc Necklace


Our smallest sized initial disc necklace yet - this very petite gold initial disc necklace has a dainty 8 mm disc.  This is perfect for those who like their jewellery  petite but this small disc size is also perfect for when you want to wear a larger number of discs - for example to spell out a name or to represent every member of the family. 

This personalised necklace comes with a beautiful, medium weight rolled gold chain. 

This necklace comes with one disc as standard - add additional discs as needed. 


  • Dainty discs are 8 mm each in diameter 
  • Luxurious 14 kt rolled gold chain 
  • Lobster clasp 
  • Choose your chain length 

What is rolled gold ?

*Rolled gold or gold filled is an actual layer of pure gold pressure-bonded ('rolled') to the core metal. Rolled Gold is not to be confused with gold plating or vermeil as rolled gold literally has 100% more gold than gold plating. Rolled gold is much more valuable and tarnish resistant and will last for many years.


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