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What does an initial necklace mean ?

April 28, 2022

What does an initial necklace mean ? - Lulu + Belle Jewellery

At the very start of our business, from our first studio at home in a small bedroom - the initial necklace was a core piece of jewellery in the Lulu + Belle collection and this has remained the case over the years - which has shown us how much you love to wear our necklaces with initials.  

What does an initial necklace mean ? 

Initial necklaces remain a staple and beloved piece of jewellery for so many - as they represent the most important people and relationships in our lives. An initial necklace can mean many different things depending on who is wearing it or who is giving it as a gift.  We have made thousands of initial chains and initial discs over the last few years and we know that there are many reasons people chose an initial necklace. 

oval initial necklace in gold lulu and belle jewellery

Oval initial necklace with two initials 

Family initials on a necklace 

One of the biggest themes we see in the jewellery we make is family necklaces and initials that represent all the little humans in a family.  Mums love to wear our dainty necklaces with kid's initials - on a sparkling chain.  When a new baby arrives - friends and partners also love to gift a new Mum an initial necklace with birthstone -  as a thoughtful gift to mark the new arrival.  If you already have a Lulu + Belle initial disc necklace and a new baby arrives - we can add on a new initial disc to your necklace - we do this every day for Mums.  Just get in touch with us when you need the new disc. 

We have made initial jewellery with 12 individual letters to represent all the grandchildren in the a family - we always have creative ideas on how to personalise your necklace, even if there are a lot of characters to squeeze in ! 

family initial necklace lulu and belle jewellery

Personalised necklace with initials gold 

The initial of someone you love  

A necklace with initial pendant can be a sweet and sentimental piece of jewellery in your collection if the piece has the initial of your special somebody.  A necklace with heart pendant engraved with the initial of your significant other would make a lovely symbolic piece of jewellery to wear on your wedding day for example. 

We have personalised discs stamped with a couples initials and wedding date,  as a surprise gift for the bride on the morning of her big day. 

gold heart necklace with initial lulu and belle jewellery

Gold heart initial pendant with flowers

Wear your own initial 

Initial necklaces are also loved as a subtle piece of ID jewellery - wear yours the way that suits your style... as a tiny delicate disc, as an initial embellished with a hand-stamped flower or as a bigger and bolder piece of jewellery with a hammered disc on a long chain.  The choice is yours ! 

medium gold initial necklace lulu and belle jewellery

Medium gold initial necklace

Memorial Jewellery -  An initial of someone you've lost 

A letter necklace may be a symbolic reminder of someone you have lost.  Initial necklaces are often worn as a piece of memorial jewellery for a loved one that  has passed.  Our poppy initial necklace in gold and silver has a accompanying disc stamped with a poppy which is associated with remembrance and consolation.  It's a perfect, subtle memorial necklace which can be worn with the initial of someone you loved !  

poppy necklace with initials lulu and belle jewellery

Poppy initial necklace gold 

What initial should I get on a necklace ?

Personalise your initial necklace with you baby or children's initials, your partner's initial or the initial of someone you have lost to keep their memory close.  Or combine initials on a necklace - such as a couple's initials as a wedding gift or a group of grandchildren's initials a thoughtful gift for a grandmother's special birthday.  We love seeing the unique ways you wear your initial jewellery and we love making custom pieces for your milestones. 

medium initial and birthstone necklace lulu and belle jewellery

Medium gold initial necklace and birthstone 

What new initial jewellery will be available this Spring from the Lulu + Belle workshop ?

We are getting ready to launch some very lovely new initial jewellery from the L+B workshop this Spring.  We will be introducing a gorgeous new sweet but modern custom script font which will be available on a lot of your favourite letter jewellery.  We will also be offering some fab new dainty initial tags in rolled gold and sterling silver.  We are also super excited to make our first solid 9 kt gold initial necklaces available this Spring, in a range of sizes and personalisation options ! 

 Find all of our personalised initial necklaces and letter necklaces here

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