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Sparkle Squad - Why Jewellery is the Perfect Gift for your Bridesmaids

June 20, 2023

Sparkle Squad - Why Jewellery is the Perfect Gift for your Bridesmaids - Lulu + Belle Jewellery

Hello there, lovely brides-to-be ! A big congrats on entering the fabulous world of wedding planning. We know that it's a whirlwind of emotions, inspiration boards, and decision-making that'll leave you both exhilarated and exhausted. But fret not, because today we're here to talk about those unsung heroes who make your wedding journey a little less bumpy and a lot more sparkly—your wonderful bridesmaids !

Now, we all know that being a bridesmaid isn't just about standing beside you on the big day, looking incredible and trying not to trip in your heels. These ladies are your personal cheerleaders, therapists, and all-around superheroes, with an endless list of responsibilities. From the moment you said "yes" to the dress, they've been right there by your side, making sure you're the happiest, most relaxed bride this world has ever seen.

So, without further ado, let's dive into why a special piece of jewellery from our collection would make the perfect thank-you gift for your amazing bridesmaids:

  1. Bridesmaids deserve to shine ! We all know you're going to be the star of the show, but why not let your leading ladies have a little sparkle of their own? Jewelry is like fairy dust for your ensemble—it instantly adds a touch of elegance, making your bridesmaids feel like the queens they truly are (even if they've been wrestling with stubborn boutonnières all morning).
  2. It's a thank-you with style. Let's face it, after months of endless errands and countless Pinterest fails, your squad deserves a reward fit for the heroes they are. Sure, heartfelt speeches and sentimental cards are sweet, but imagine their faces when you surprise them with a gorgeous necklace or a pair of dazzling earrings. Instant squeals of joy guaranteed !
  3. Jewelry = Meaningful Memories. Every time your bridesmaids wear the piece you gifted them, they'll be reminded of the incredible journey you embarked on together. From the first dress fitting to the midnight dance floor shenanigans, those little gems will carry the weight of beautiful memories and friendship that will last a lifetime.

So here are a couple of our top picks to wow your beautiful bridesmaids with a special jewellery gift. 

Pearls represent eternal love and what better way to show your bridesmaids how much you care by presenting them with one of our beautiful pieces of pearl jewellery. Your bridesmaids will love having a piece that they will treasure for years to come as a reminder of your big day and your everlasting friendship. 

Grace Suspended Single Pearl Necklace 

Grace suspended single pearl necklace


The lovely grace suspended single pearl necklace is delicate and timeless and would be a perfect necklace for your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day.  This necklace showcases a lustrous single pearl suspended gracefully on a delicate chain, making for a very wearable but captivating piece. If you are looking for a jewellery set, this necklace pairs perfectly with our grace single pearl bracelet.

SARA Dainty Pearl Drop Earrings

Sara Dainty Pearl Drop Earrings

 These dainty earrings with pearls are delicate enough for your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day but will be loved long after.  The two pretty freshwater pearls with work well with any other pearl jewellery that your bridesmaids may be wearing and you can choose these earrings in luxurious rolled gold or sterling silver. 

Our Lives Intertwined Interlocking Circles Chain 

Our lives intertwined interlocking circles necklace gold


Maybe she's your loyal sister, your oldest friend or a trusted work mate that has become part of your circle and who you share so much with. You have shared so many experiences together and your lives are interlinked for life.  Our live's intertwined necklace has two interlocking rings, representing two lives interlinked. This necklace comes in sterling silver, rolled gold or solid 9k gold meaning there's a piece for every budget.  Each piece comes with a beautiful mini hand-crafted letter-pressed card reading 'You + I - Our Lives Intertwined', to let your bridesmaids know how much they mean to you. 

 9kt Gold Initial Necklace 

solid gold initial disc necklace

A dainty and timeless initial necklace is a lovely way to recognise and spoil each of your bridesmaids.  Our initial disc necklaces come in solid 9kt gold, rolled gold and sterling silver so there's an option and every budget.  There's the choice of our 'pure + simple' or 'sweet script' handwriting style font. 

 Wildbunch - friendship necklace, bracelet or earrings 

wild bunch necklace

The lovely 'wildbunch' design is a little bunch of wildflowers that represent friendship and the unique bonds between friends - making it the perfect symbolic gift for your group of bridesmaids.  Each wildbunch piece comes with a letter pressed card that reads - 'Never Stop Blooming' on which you could handwrite your own message.  The wildbunch design is available as earrings, a flower pendant, suspended chain necklace or a bracelet

Now, let's take a moment to appreciate the myriad of roles your bridesmaids tackle throughout your wedding planning adventure:

  1. Chief Sanity Saviors: When you're deep in the rabbit hole of seating arrangements and second-guessing your floral choices, who swoops in with a box of chocolates and a "you got this, girl" pep talk? Your bridesmaids, of course! These wonderful humans have the innate ability to talk you down from any bridezilla-induced ledge, reminding you that it's all about the love and laughter.
  2. Dress Distress Divas: Oh, the joys of finding the perfect dress! But with countless boutiques and sample sizes that seem like they were designed for prepubescent fairies, dress shopping can quickly turn into a headache. Fear not, for your bridesmaids are here to conquer any sequin-clad battle. From expert opinions to countless dress fittings, they'll ensure you feel like a bridal goddess.
  3. DIY Dream Team: From hand-painted centerpieces to personalized seating charts, your bridesmaids are the masters of the glue gun and Pinterest. They've become your honorary wedding planners, transforming your wild ideas into jaw-dropping realities. Their crafty hands and infinite patience are literally worth their weight in gold.
  4. Dance Floor Divas: When the music starts and the celebration is in full swing, your bridesmaids are right there with you, boogieing their hearts out and ensuring your wedding party turns into an unforgettable extravaganza. They're the ones who will drag Aunty Mary onto the dance floor and keep the energy flowing all night long.

So, dear brides, as you dive into the magical world of wedding planning, remember the incredible squad that stands by your side. Shower them with appreciation, laughter, and, of course, a stunning piece of jewellery from our collection. 

Remember, behind every stunning bride is a sparkle squad of bridesmaids ready to conquer the world. So go ahead, thank them with a touch of sparkle and let the magic of friendship and celebration shine on !

For more inspiration, see our bridesmaid gift edit here. 

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