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Creating your personalised necklaces in the Irish language

January 25, 2021

Creating your personalised necklaces in the Irish language - Lulu + Belle Jewellery

As we look back on a crazy and challenging year, one of the lovely trends that emerged in our workshop was the request to have your personalised necklaces stamped in the Irish language.  We have always offered the addition of fadas to your initial necklaces and name necklaces to spell Irish names. Last year however, we saw lots and lots of you choosing to have special messages and phrases stamped in Irish to create a customised necklace with added meaning and an Irish spin. 
We wanted to share some ideas for Irish language engraving on our discs to create a piece of personal jewellery for yourself or someone special. With the lead up to Valentine's Day, the most requested Irish phrase is also so utterly romantic, but with a lovely Irish twist.  We can reveal that the most requested Irish phrase last year was 'Grá Geal mo Chroí' which translates as 'Love of My Life'.  Other variations of this that we stamped on our customised necklaces were 'Mo Chuisle Mo Chroí' which translates as 'Pulse of my Heart', 'Mo Stór meaning 'My Treasure' or 'My Darling',  'Chroi Alainn' or 'Beautiful Heart' and simply 'Mo Chroí' simply meaning 'My Heart'. 
This lovely Irish sentiment was most often stamped on our midi name necklace and heart and our personalised necklace with disc and hearts which both have a a medium sized disc accompanied by one or multiple heart charms in a smooth or hammered finish.  The heart charms to accompany the disc were often stamped with the initials of children in the family to make it a very sentimental piece and a unique family necklace. 


This year we launched our affirmation necklace with the idea that it could be personalised with a phrase of emotional support or encouragement.  This could be as a daily reminder just for you or given as a gift to someone cherished.  One of our favourite affirmations that we have stamped so far this year is 'Grá comh mór sin' which translates simply as 'So Loved'. Another favourite Irish phrase we have stamped is 'Go Deo' meaning 'Forever' - in memory of someone special. 

We love how customers have their own ideas about how our pieces can be custom stamped to create something special. Our personalised necklace with initials gold can be stamped with up to 14 characters making it perfect to personalise with an Irish word or short phrase. We hand-made three necklaces for one customer with the disc stamped 'Deirfiúir' meaning 'Sister', accompanied by our dainty 8 mm initial tag with the first letter of each sister's name. This lovely set was gifted to the sisters as a symbol of their love and connection. 

Our customised jewellery is hand-made to order and hand-stamped with traditional stainless steel stamps.  This means that we are able to customise the jewellery with any words and phrases that you would like stamped. With the addition of hand-stamped fadas we can stamp any short Irish phrase or Irish name on our personalised pendants in gold or silver.  Our simple jewellery designs are all about the meaning of your words and sentiments which give them so much meaning.  


Our 'Realt Beag' or 'Little Star' affirmation necklace in silver has a little star de-bossed in the centre of the pendant and can be customised with up to 18 characters, making it perfect for any short phrase. 


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